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Komssys Documentation



Komssys is meant as an RTSP/RTP implementation for multimedia systems researchers who want to investigate protocols and operating systems issues.

To find details about Komssys, such as code or mailing lists, go to the Sourceforge projects pages at

Several papers and theses were written that are in some way related to Komssys. You can find some of these at , , , and .

Use this link to find out how to compile komssys when you use CVS

Komssys needs an XML configuration file. It is located in the $HOME directory and it is called medianode.xml. You must adapt it to your needs. You should change at least directories, hostnames and ports. You find a documentation for this under Configuration

For information about the mkauto tool: mkauto

We invite you to fix the bugs and send patches to! You should use GNU diff, and generate the patch use diff -uwr old new. We would appreciate if such changes would follow the coding conventions for the KOM(S) Streaming System . Bug reports are also welcome but we're not fixing them as quickly as many other sourceforge users.

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