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A tool for the creation of finite state automata.

How does it work?

A state machine definition file, usually named <something>.fsa is parsed by the mkauto tool. It consumes several intial code blocks and dumps and dumps them into the target C++ class without any error checking. The transitions consisting of states, inputs and actions, on the other hand, are evaluated. Member functions of the C++ class are generated from the evaluated transitions.

The following keywords are part of the unchecked block. All of them are optional.


A codeblock has the starting delimiter
and the end delimiter
and can contain an arbitrary set of characters except for the end delimiter. These characters are dumped into the generated code without any syntactical or semantical checks; the C++ compiler will report errors. There are no escape sequences to allow the generation of the end delimiter in the dumped code. If you need it, you must edit mkauto's sources. See the individual keywords to understand where each codeblock is dumped.

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