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how to compile komssys when you use CVS

This file describes how you compile komssys when you use CVS


Please note that "make install" is currently buggy. It seems that the make
environment will install to /usr/local/kde whatever you do.

Required tools
  Common tools

    The following are used for the komssys make environment:
      GNU make
      m4 (may be GNU m4)

      My versions: make 3.80, autoconf 2.59, automake 1.9.1


      My versions: flex 2.5.4, bison 1.875, expat 1.19.8

    For the client
      mplayer source code
      You need a particular version. It must fit the youngest patch file
      that you find in rtsp/clientd.

      My version: MPlayer-1.0pre5.patch

    And for the documentation
      dot (by AT&T, part of graphviz)

      My versions: doxygen 1.3.8, graphviz 1.12

    This is tested on SuSE 9.2, ...
    gcc 3.3.4

Getting it

Extract the latest version from the Sourceforge CVS, e.g.

> cvs login

Type return as password

> cvs -z3 co komssys

Compiling server/proxy

> cd komssys
> aclocal
> automake --add-missing
> autoheader
> automake
> autoconf

Maybe you could call autoheader before automake to avoid calling automake twice?
I'm not sure - feedback is welcome. Now find your installed packages, in order
to call configure. Make your target directory to keep the source tree clean.

> mkdir LINUX
> cd LINUX
> ../configure --prefix=/somewhere/else --enable-debug
> make

If you use the jobserver, you may have to run make several times because
we have botched a few dependency checks concerning dynamically generated
header files.

> make install

Don't! If you make install, the target files may end up elsewhere.

Compiling the client

Make the server first. Then make all preparations for compiling MPlayer according to
the MPlayer documentation. Compile and install all libraries and tools that MPlayer
uses except for LIVE.COM. Apply the patch.

Configure mplayer like this
> configure --with-komssys \
            --with-komssyslibdir=<path to komssys build directory> \
            <all other mplayer options>

You may have to use
> export INCLUDE="-I<path to komssys src directory>"
before calling configure or to add
--with-extra-includes="-I<path to komssys src directory>"
in the configure line to help mplayer find the komssys header files. Unfortunately
you need a lot of them for a successful compile for now.

Note that the --with-komssys switches will not even show when you use
configure --help after applying the patch. That is intentional.

Make mplayer.

The result should be an mplayer that uses komssys instead of LIVE.COM when you use a
URL that starts with rtsp://
If you want to be sure, switch the information and warning messages in the client section
of medianode.xml on and you should see a lot of output.


Tell us about you experiences!

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